BRED Life Science Technology Inc. attended the 31st ESHRE held in Lisbon.

BRED is the first and the only infertility diagnostic reagents manufacturer which attended ESHRE. Our products gained a lot of attention during the meeting. 

Spermfunc DNA fragmentation test kit is the best seller among Bredlife's products line. A high level of DNA fragmentation in sperm cells may represent a 

cause of male infertility that conventional examinations - sperm concentration, motility analysis, morphology assessment - cannot detect.  

Results reported in the scientific literature show regardless of the assisted reproductive technology used, elevated levels of DNA fragmentation above the

 critical threshold will significantly compromise the possibility of a successful pregnancy. 

Bredlife also showed the latest developed testing kit like HBA( sperm hynarona acid binding assay) and HA-ICSI( the sperm selection dish for ICSI), 

many andrologist and embryologist showed their interest and would like to carry out the testing and clinical trial.