BRED Life Science Technology Inc is a high-tech corporation that specializes in developing, manufacturing and marketing products of Lab in the field of Reproduction Medicine. The head office of BRED is located in Shenzhen, which is one of the most beautiful and most vigorous cities in China.

Our mission of development is to be devoted to providing the best solutions and products for the clinical laboratory in reproductive medicine with the aim to promote the developement of human reproductive health.

Our operating philosophy is putting people first on the basis of honesty, forging ahead and working with diligence.

All the products within our company are categorized into the 6 brands as follows:

MaleFree------ a series of products for semen collection

Many innovative technologies are applied to the products that embody the humanistic care for male patients. The products are suitable for many various methods used for semen collection, and guarantee the reliability of data for the evaluation and analysis of semen. The success rate of pregnancy can be improved by using these products in the implementation of assisted reproductive technology.

SemenAssay----- a series of diagnostic kits for biochemical and immunological assay for semen

SemenAssay is a revolutionary innovation on the basis of traditional technologies, following the World Health Organization standards and norms to meet the trend of automation and testing in batch. The SemenAssay not only reduces the intensity of experimental work, but also ensures the accuracy and repeatability of the results.

FertiMedium------ a series of products for reproductive media

By means of meeting in vitro developmental requirements of the gametes and zygotes at different life stages and resolving the problems of low recovery and high damage in the clinical process for the optimized sperms, FertiMedium- will improve the possibility of pregnancy in assisted reproductive technology.

BreDevice------ a series of laboratory supplies and equipments

From the devices, consumables to the laboratory equipments, the line of the BreDeviceTM products cover the whole range of reproductive medical experiments. They can not only support our products in lab testing, but also meet the requirements of various ART centers to establish a standardized laboratory for reproductive medicine.

SpermFunc---- a series of diagnostic kits for sperm function analysis

The world's first product to enable the sperm function tests recommended by WHO Laboratory manual for the examination of semen and sperm-cervical mucus interaction (4th Edition ) to be universal and applied to provide direct evidence-based data in the implementation of assisted reproductive technology.

SerumAssay------ a series of diagnostic kits for serum analysis

A series of diagnostic products are designed for serum markers and genetic markers to meet the clinical diagnosis requirement for spermatogenic function in spermary, ovarian reserve function, endocrine defects, and immune infertility and so on.

We strive to become a trustworthy partner with the reproductive medical specialists!

We strive to become a pioneer and innovator of relevant technologies in reproductive medicine!

We strive to become a supplier to provide the best solutions and products for the clinical laboratory in reproductive medicine !