BRED exhibited at 35th Annual meeting in Vienna, Austria

The ESHRE Annual meeting had been held at Mess Wien exhibition in Vienna, Austria from 23 to 26 June 2019. During the exhibited process, many experts are visiting for exchanging and discussing all new clinical and scientific. Through this meeting, we really trust that the scientific programme in reproductive medicine will be more high-quality and more professional from all around the world. And I hope to see you at Copenhagen-Denmark July 2020.

Over 110 countries participate and more than 9,000 attendees taken part in this meeting

BRED exhibitied a series of products during the congress, it is not only a good time for us to meet our clients face to face, but also improve the customers' understanding and trust to our company. In the future, we believe our products will be more high-quality. 

The clients of the US 

The clients of Gemany

The clients of the Czech

The clients of the Canada

Our team

The 36th Annual meeting will held at Copenhagen-Denmark July 2020.